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  • Voltage Regulator
    Voltage Regulator
    1, ultra wide input voltage, adapt to the complex environment
    2, using high quality ring transformer, no-load current is small, high efficiency
    3, equipped with low pressure startup system, ultra-low start ability
    4, reliable work, reaction speed, the computer not restart.
    5, no waveform distortion, instantaneous overload ability
    6, with overload, over voltage, short circuit automatic protection function
    7, a variety of power, model, design selection, covers household, industrial, office, and other application fields.
  • Transformer
    1、by careful analysis raw materials are made of high-quality iron core.
    2、USES the advanced fully automatic CNC coiling machine precision winding.
    3、Using vacuum pressure leaching paint drying equipment insulation processing .
    4、Adopt strict detection means for production control.
    5、Quality is reliable, the price is cheap.
    6、Can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Toroidal Core
    Toroidal Core
    1, core material is strip rolling of high quality silicon steel.
    2, magnetic flux leakage is small, low temperature, magnetic flux density is high, the no-load loss small.
    3, the products are widely used in: power transformer, transformers, ballasts, audio transformer, magnetic amplifier, zener voltage regulator, charger.
    4, stable quality, production cycle is short, the price is cheap; Product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
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